If you built your business on Facebook and Instagram, it’s about to get a lot harder

The era of companies soaring almost overnight from start-ups to millions in sales on Facebook and Instagram is coming to an end. Many top marketing analysts agree that multiple factors are forcing businesses to scramble for alternative channels to replace eroding Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Our founder and CEO, Greg Cynaumon, weighed in:

“The reasons are many and complex. However, aside from changing advertising rules, user drop-off, over-saturation of ads, and general consumer ad burnout, the biggest reason for flagging campaigns is the willingness of big brands to overspend (and outspend) smaller companies. Most of our new clients hear competitor buzz that radio, podcast, and streaming channel influencer campaigns are generating huge profits – and they are.”

The interesting trend for companies looking for alternatives to their floundering social campaigns, is to look to audio influencers.