Case Studies

Viewing advertising through psychology with Molekule

As behaviorists we view product marketing and ad creative 180º different than most product marketers. Everything starts and revolves around experiential psychology. Below is a recent example shared with our client – Molekule air purifiers.

  1. The psychological dynamic that Molekule must tap into to gain mass traction comes under the heading of shared experiences (the clinical parallel being experiential psychology and the sum total of our collective experiences)
  2. Let’s put that into marketing speak: consumers will say things like: “My allergies kept me awake all night”… or, “My sinuses have been driving me crazy all day”… or, “I hate having to use all these sinus products just to function”. These are all powerful shared and relatable experiences which foster similarly strong emotions among virtually all allergies and sinus sufferers (frustration, sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety, fatigue, sinus product overuse, low function, etc.) Moving aggressively and decisively to ping these collective shared experiences is the surest way to overcome cost, and other, perceived roadblocks to purchasing Molekule.
  3. Conversely, no consumer awakens in the morning thinking, “Wow, my HEPA filter is old technology”. Subsequently, while talking about 1940’s technology and how Molekule destroys instead of collects impurities are great differentiators, but they’re unemotional. They don’t tap into an emotion (problem) before providing the technological solution.
  4. We’re asking consumers to spend a great deal of money ($800) to solve a problem that they’re currently managing with a $5 nose spray. Granted, sinus products are not a solution, but it’s what the consumer knows. This is not an easy transition, plus we’re asking them to take it on faith that this new nano-technology works. Leveraging on-air talent influence talking about the new technology will help bridge the skepticism gap — but keep in mind, that’s a $795.00 gap.
  5. All the brings us back to examining what the consumer needs to hear to bridge $5 to $800. He/she needs to first and foremost understand how their quality of life can drastically improve with Molekule. This is (by orders of magnitude) best done by tapping into the consumers shared experiences with allergies and sinus challenges and how they negatively impact their lives. This is where the take the Molekule challenge comes in. The challenge serves as a consumer confidence enhancer that Molekule solves the collective frustrations (sleep, fatigue, anger, irritability, boxes of tissues, nuisance, sinus product worry, etc.) experienced by virtually ALL allergy and sinus sufferers.