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Your customers have a unique set of personality traits. ADcology matches those traits to multimedia audiences and engages new customers. This is a game-changer!

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ConsumerMatch™ is the neural network that powers ADcology. We decode your customer's personality types from the selfies they share and match them to audiences across the media spectrum.


Based on your specified goals, we develop, execute and optimize cross-channel ad campaigns.


Based on your consumer's personality types, we develop messaging to cut through clutter and inspire response.


Ethics and transparency! We provide real-time, multi-stack analytics to track and optimize all campaigns.

What we do

the Science
of a selfie


In collaboration with a lead scientist from Match.com and a team of European researchers, ADcology founder Dr. Greg Cynaumon developed our behavioral matching tech.

Based on 30 years of Phenotype and Genotype facial feature science, we (anonymously) decode your customer's personality types and create detailed personality types of your ideal customers.

We use this data to match them to look-alike audiences across the media spectrum. Before we place $1 of your campaign, our tech reveals everything we need to know about your consumers and where to find them across the media spectrum.

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