Case Studies

Amazon Prime Day: Did radio do that?

Being media agnostic means being un-biased and focusing your client’s media budget solely on ROI. Don’t let your personal media bias or client preconceived notions cloud smart decisions. We shouldn’t care if a radio campaign drives 5X the sales vs. that amazing TV creative… why should we care? The only goal is the client’s ROI! Now, we can’t divulge which Amazon campaigns we orchestrated leading up to and during Prime Day, but here are the important takeaways:

Radio Focus

This year, we refocused our efforts on AM/FM radio for both products. Why?

  1. Radio and podcast have consistently been beating digital and TV ROI by about 4-1 for virtually all our clients all year.
  2. Both of our Amazon Prime client’s products perform best with a combo of personality endorsements coupled with low-cost remnant ads and streaming campaigns.
Radio and Podcast Are Bargains

Bought right, radio and podcasts are a huge bargain. But the attributes that really put audio over the top in terms of ROI are on-air personality endorsements and native (in-show) product integration. You can’t match that with TV or digital because listeners have relationships with on-air personalities and consider them friends. That relationship translates into sales.

Audio Snobbery

Don’t fall into the trap of believing radio listeners are ‘get off my lawn’ old people. Sure, you can target an older demo on radio (which is helpful), but the study below clearly shows radio attracts younger consumers and outperforms online and TV among 18+ audience. I can also assure you that audio audiences have more income, convert in both higher numbers and higher per customer spend than any other media.

Quantifiable Results

Both of our clients participated in Amazon Prime Day last year and this year. As previously stated, we focused heavily on radio and streaming this year.

Product 1: Spent 3X more in radio this year than in ’17. Result: 8X in sales

Product 2: Spent 2X more in radio this year than in ’17. Result: 4X in sales


Put away the media bias and acute misperception that radio (AM/FM, satellite and streaming) and podcast are obsolete. Marketers would be smart to explore audio while creating campaigns.