Stop paying your Agency for failed media

The days of AD agencies receiving fees and commissions for failed media tests are gone

During a recent gathering of radio broadcasters, podcasters, and YouTube influencers in Orange County, California, Greg Cynuamon, Ph.D. and founder of ADcology, announced a groundbreaking new commission: reducing, or even eliminating, policy for all test campaigns starting December 1, 2017.

“Historically, the agency world charges fees and commissions for a clients’ test campaign. And if it fails, the agency takes its fees and commissions and moves forward. But what about the company? A failed media test can be devastating to future investment, company morale, and business strategy. The bottom line is that we think it’s absurd to expect fees and commissions for test campaigns that underperform to the client’s goals. We’re starting a new era of agency accountability for our clients goals, including providing free services and reducing or eliminating commissions during defined media test periods.”

Dr. Greg estimates nearly half of the products and services that enter media tests fail to advance to rollout due mainly to three entirely solvable problems:

  1. The agency failed to do its homework before spending a dime of the advertisers money.
  2. Agency fees and commissions strangled the company’s ROI.
  3. Poorly negotiated media rates (or didn’t utilize media partners who would also reduce costs to reach ROI goals)

Dr. Greg believes that ADcology has gained popularity in the radio, YouTube, and podcast agency industry due to its multiple free services. We’ve taken that philosophy one step further by eliminating fees and reducing commissions (or waiving them altogether) for campaigns that fail to meet a client’s agreed upon ROI for success. We’ve always believed in doing whatever it takes to create massively successful and scalable test campaigns for our clients, so providing free services, including waiving or lowering our commissions, is the next step in accountability.

Following is a list of the free services currently being offered by ADcology:

  • Behavioral profiling customers to reveal how they think and respond toward client product, competitors and industry.
  • Track and project the various media platforms customers engage throughout the day so you can consistently reach them.
  • Scrub inbound and outbound social media to identify key words, sentiments, thoughts and questions that we use to create your custom creative style guide.
  • Create behaviorally motivating ad copy perfectly attuned to the customer. Plan and execute all test media with a guarantee that ADcology will waive or reduce commissions to help a client reach their ROI goals.